NBA 2K21 Has One Major Issue In Pro-Style Gameplay

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If you have already played NBA 2K21 in "Play Now Online" mode, MyNBA or Sofa Show, you may have realized that almost all super athletes can experience endurance. This problem is a headache in several different situations. Cheap 2K21 MT can enable players to acquire players with better basic abilities.

In playing online games immediately, fatigue rate is the biggest problem. The PNO game has 6 minutes per quarter, which is convenient because it allows you to complete the entire game in about 30 minutes, but the fatigue rate is not calibrated with the abbreviated quarter length. Currently, users can control James and others as if they were playing the unconstrained version of MyCareer.

They fly around on the court on offense and defense, and star players who are used like super warrior essences never really need to be eliminated. James and some other stars can accelerate throughout the game and won the Gatorade Cup until the fourth quarter. You are welcome to purchase NBA 2K21 MT from GameMS.

Due to aggressive dunks, fouls, head-to-heads, and most importantly, the use of turbo buttons, more effort is needed to improve endurance. Even if the Gatorade icon appears, the next level of the problem will come. Although the player's ability has declined, it is too trivial and does not impose excessive burden on speed, shooting or dunking. This is why the star is still able to dominate the entire game without rest. Ideally, users will receive greater penalties when playing with tired players.

These punishments should take the form of limited effectiveness due to the use of turbochargers and more. When maintaining 80% endurance, the effectiveness of the turbo button should be appropriately weakened, but if the player gets tired on the court, the penalty will gradually increase. There is no doubt that a similar mechanism already exists. My argument is that it cannot really punish not replacing users. A tired star is not much different from its completely or partially stationary self.

In an ideal world, fatigued players will not only be affected by limited or disabled turbo usage, but also by vertical industry restrictions, reduced dunk attributes or invalid badges. Sometimes players are less efficient in the second half of back-to-back matches in the NBA schedule, and sometimes in addition to making game plans, they also use overtime to restore endurance. In the actual simulation of NBA games, real endurance should be more important. Finally, please purchase 2K21 MT For Sale here.

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