Talk to the WOM. Your most welcome

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A very nasty roomate is going to become your jail companion. . You then need to conquer the troll with no weapons or armor, and RS gold pick your way out of this jail. Once free, you'll have to play with sneaky ninja past the snow imp guards and escape the mountain useing the agility barrier corse while avoiding ice wolves.

When you reach the base of the mountain you'll be surounded by wolves in a different clip scean where you're almost eaten when the WOM will teleport in. He will make quick work of those wolves utilizing a reddish chinchompa and then teleport both of you to Draynor.

Talk to the WOM. Your most welcome, least I could do when I understood Spot had only become one of my bottomless chests and has been chunking snowballs out of it. The Snow Queen took all my armor, I nearly got smashed by a troll, and consumed by wolves. . .and this time your furry friend was hiding in...a. . .chest? Yes indeedy. Can I get that book now? Why of corse. . .and here is the armor back. How. . .never mind I do not wish to understand.

The adventurer will then read the book. When you browse the book you understand you want the blood of a royal fairy to get the spell to function. Then you head to Zanaris, tell the Queen, who joyfully donates a drop of her blood to the spell, and provides you the resulting magic pill. Dial to Yu'buisk, utilize the pill on the sarcophogus plus a cutscean showing you being sucked into a alternate universe happens. From your days a A diplomat to Lunar Isle that you reconize the Oneiromancer who once more tests you on 5 different things based on skills that you do in Runescape.

The initial test will be fletching. You will end up on a plane full of trees, two chests and a screening agent. Speak to the testing representative who will give you a riddle you want to resolve to determine which tree to cut and everything to fletch the wood to.

You'll also have to figure out how a lot of the thing you want to fill one of the torso with. When you put the proper number of things and the right thing in the chest you will go back to the Oneiromancer.

The Second test is herblore. You may now end up on a plane filled with different non-agressive animals, a farming patch full of diffrent herbs. The testing agent will give you a water filled vial, a pestle and morter, and a puzzle box to solve where a picture of this herb (With title beneath ) and secondary ingrediant are depicted. When you solve the puzzle collect the corect herb, then clean it, kill the correct monster for OSRS buy gold secondary. When you combine the potion use it upon testing broker, if it is corect you will be returned to the Oneiromancer.


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