There are three different tools available

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The most important item in each archer's gear is his backpack , also known as Ava's Device. This item automatically picks up ammunition from the ground. If you plan on OSRS Gold improving your Ranged skill , and you are planning to use expensive ammunition this is must have.

Ava's Devices provide the highest bonuses to Ranged skill from all cape slot items, they can save you money and time via automatic pickups. Furthermore, they can also bring in random items to your inventory.

This item is available through the completion of Animal Magnetism quest which requires completion the Priest In Peril, Ernest the Chicken and Restless Ghost quests. Also, you will require levels 18 Slayer 19 Crafting, level 18 Slayer, 30 Ranged and 35 Woodcutting. There are three different tools available.

Avas Attractor . If you are below level 50 in the skill of Range, you'll be awarded this item as a reward during the quest. This piece of equipment takes up 60 percent or more of your ammunition. About 20% breaks (which is normal for all ammunition types) and the remaining 20 percent is left at the bottom. It adds 2 points to your accuracy in the Range.

Avas Accumulator the level 50 mark, if you already have Attractor you can go to Old School RS Gold Ava for an upgrade by offering her 75 steel arrows as well as 1000 gold. However, if you have succeeded in completing this quest after hitting 50 Ranged, you'll get this upgrade right away, without any additional costs. This better version will increase capacity of your ammunition from 60% to 72%. The upgraded backpack comes with added +4 Magic Defence and +4 bonus for Ranged Accuracy.


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